Those sun spots!
That hair!

7 miles!  My longest run since the marathon!  It’s humbling, and a little embarrassing, and it does feel good to be getting into the groove again.  Since this was the first time in a long time I was on my feet out there pushing the stroller and the kid for longer than an hour, I made a few observations, and was reminded of a few things.

-So many people are texting and driving.  Still? Really? We almost got hit twice

-Zicam really is helpful, and running really is an antihistamine

-There are a lot of really cute little neighborhoods in Glens Falls!  I can’t believe some are so close to me and I have never run them before

-Old men are obnoxious about the stroller running.  I had at least 3 old men tell me I was running too slow and that I was “behind pace” while looking at their watches and winking at me.  One I nearly flipped the bird, but caught myself at the last minute. Another I “jokingly” told he was welcome to take over for me, since I had been at it for 7 miles and was tired.  His wife said “oh honey he wouldn’t even make it to the corner. Good for you!”

-So many young moms around town were SO kind to us and to me for running with him!  I LOVE that, we ARE a tribe and we need each other’s support!

-We got chased by a chihuahua named Johnny

-A stroller run is so helpful for forcing a kid with a cold to take a nap when he refuses

-Fast food is one of the actual most disgusting smells to me, especially when I am running

-60 degrees with full sun is too warm for capris!  Aaaannnndddddd it’s time for my hat again

-A post disgusting salty sweaty run shower is one of the most amazing feelings ever

-A glass of wine on the patio after said run and shower is the other most amazing feeling

-Given how hard that run felt yesterday, I am pleasantly surprised by how good my body feels today.  Beet root powder?

-I have a whole other post about it coming this week, but I had the best night of sleep I have pretty much ever had after a hard effort run.  Credit due to Nuun Rest? I HOPE so! Because if so it’s able to be replicated!

-Even without the tablet to keep him occupied, Wicket is really such an excellent running partner.  He’s so patient and observant

-It felt weird, but good, to run without a planned route.  Thank you Garmin for keeping me to my mileage

I am so excited for next week’s long run!  10 miles with Julia! One of my most FAVORITE RUNNING BUDDIES EVER!