I was trying to show my happiness but they both needed to be touching me, so I went with it

We bought a table!  One that seats more than 4 people at a time!  This might not seem like such a big deal to all of you “actual responsible adults” out there, but it’s a big deal for us!!!  Now I don’t have to stand when we have more than one person over for dinner! We are really moving up in the world.

MattHowk surprised me with friends coming for Easter weekend, so naturally I am losing my mind wanting to get things done around the house before they come.  Much like before Wicket’s birthday party. So far, this is proving to be just as productive a motivator.

To be fair, our old table was fine.  We bought it at KMart 11 years ago when we moved to NY from VT (before that we ate at the coffee table in our teeeeeennnny apartment), and it has held up pretty well.  We got a pub height table because at that time we had an English Mastiff and he was just too tall for a normal table, as it would have provided far too much temptation. The finish was wearing off the top a bit, but the real issue was that it was a 4 top.

I am not kidding when I say I ate standing up if more than 1 person came over.  Or I sat at a folding chair and my eyes were at the level of the table. Or we made Wicket sit by himself at a kids table, which he is pretty outspoken about not wanting to do.  If we have 6 people coming for Easter weekend, we really needed a table that could accommodate that many adults, not to mention the kids (Wicket will probably happily sit at a kids table with his favorite girls).

I took a few days off of work last week to get stuff done around the house, and MattHowk and I decided to take part of the afternoon and go to Bare Bones, a discount furniture warehouse in Glens Falls.  The other furniture that we have that we have upgraded from the college days hand me downs (which, btw, we were and still are extremely grateful for) all came from there, since they typically have pretty good prices, so we figured we would look. We knew we wanted another pub height table, and one that seated 8, but other than that we were flexible.

We didn’t expect to find something right when we walked in!  First we saw a set that was very similar to our existing one but sat 6.  The price was very good though. Then MattHowk saw a set that had a leaf and seated 8!  Hurray! I loved the color, and REALLY love that with the leaf out it still seats 6, and that you can probably squeeze in more than 8 with the leaf in.  What I love BEST though, is that there is storage in the base! My small house needs all the storage it can get. $600 for a table and 4 chairs, DONE. Since our old chairs are pub height, and sort of match, we will save those instead of spending $100 per chair to buy extras.

It got a little bashed up during delivery, but that is getting fixed.  Otherwise, we are sooooo happy with it! Our house is definitely starting to look more grownup.  It also helps that last Thursday before we went shopping I moved the cube storage unit that was in our dining area into Wicket’s closet, and his play kitchen got moved out of that same space in the dining area into his room.  Now ALLLL of his toys live in his room, and our dining area is much tidier and has enough space for our new table. I feel so much less overwhelmed by mess now. We also got new storage for our “entryway” (just the door, really) which is a lower profile and also much more tidy.

Slowly but surely we are becoming grown ups!  It felt weird to be so far away from Wicket when we had dinner last night, but I am getting excited to have people come over and have a meal sitting all together.  Now I get to plan those meals!!!! But do I need more table settings and flatware? A question for the ages.