I experienced a horrifying shock last night.  I thought I had another tube of Cherry Limeade Nuun energy, but I was tragically wrong.  Where did it all go!? I haven’t even been running for the last few weeks! Did I misplace it!?  I guess it’s time to put in my first Ambassador order.

As I leaned against my kitchen counter and drank a glass of wine, thinking about where I could have put it, I realized it really is gone.  I used it. Because I don’t just use Nuun for running before a race. I guess I didn’t fully realize that until that moment!

I usually drink one of two cups of tea each morning.  At Disney I didn’t want to put a cup of hot water through the Keurig in our room because it always ends up tasting like coffee, so I had one or two Nuuns each morning.  ESPECIALLY the morning after Wicket had croup and I was up with him all night. I literally fueled each day with Nuun.

When I run in the morning, I often don’t feel that I have enough time to make a cup of tea to have with my breakfast before I go to work.  So I pop a Nuun into a glass of water to let it do it’s thing while I am showering, then down it while I am quickly making and eating my breakfast.  Caffeine accomplished.

Last Tuesday I got a call at 3am from MattHowk saying his stupid purple PT cruiser had died on him AS HE WAS DRIVING IT to come home from work.  Dead dead. So it was time for a new car, BUT we had to get him and the car seat a half hour home before we could even begin to think about anything. I was  up super early for the day, early even by my standards, and still had to go to work. In a snow storm. And deal with the stress of locating and purchasing a new car THAT DAY.  I had to fly to work super early both to combat the snow AND to try to get something done before I needed to leave to buy a car, so once again Nuun it was. I had no time!

This morning after my strength workout I found myself sad and craving my Cherry Limeade since I couldn’t have it.  I need to get more! Maybe I should branch out?

This post is in no way sanctioned or recognized by Nuun.  It doesn’t know what it does for me. It doesn’t know how it calls to my soul…