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9 Miles East pop up dinner at Saratoga Apple

Saturday we were so fortunate to go out to dinner with MattHowk’s parents and grandparents to celebrate their 58th (!) wedding anniversary.  (What a massive accomplishment THAT is!) It was a totally new to us experience for all of us, and it was really neat! I had never been to Saratoga Apple but definitely want to go back.  A couple of the hard ciders have ignited a deep fire of love in my soul. It’s burning.

9 Miles East Farm is a farm east (9 miles specifically, go figure) of Saratoga Springs NY. They focus on sustainably farming vegetables to provide to the community via a short supply chain.  Per their website, their mission is to provide a simplified, healthy family eating experience as easily as possible for today’s fast paced lives. They have a menu on their website of their current meal offerings that you can pick up or have delivered, including pizza.

Saratoga Apple is an orchard and farm stand in Schuylerville, NY. You can pick all kinds of fruit there year round, shop from a variety of fruit products and baked goods, and do all the traditional fall apple stuff this time of year.  They also have a tasting room with local beers and hard ciders, including two of their own,

This summer 9 Miles East and Saratoga Apple teamed up to do a pop up dinner once a week.  We sat outside on their deck (lots of bees!) which was a little chilly but GORGEOUS. A 9 Miles East employee was our server, and we just had to go inside to the tasting room (where there is also seating) to get our own beverages. The pre fixe menu for the night we went was a noodle series.  There was a choice of two lasagnas, a classic red with Italian sausage or a mushroom duxelle. MattHowk and Wicket had the classic, and I had the mushroom.

We had a tomato rice soup to start, then a simple green salad, then out came the lasagnas. They were both so goooooooood.  The classic was a little spicy, which Wicket wasn’t totally thrilled about, but he does like noodles and did an admirable job on his dinner for a 4 year old.  The mushroom had sauteed mushrooms on top with goat cheese and it was so so soooooo gooooood. I could have cried, I love both mushrooms and goat cheese so much. It all went together so well, it was such a lovely cheesy white sauce love fest. I did wake up in the night MAJORLY garlicky though, You know when you can’t smell it on yourself, or quite even taste it, but you FEEL it inside of you? I hate that.  Just a little too much for me. The menu concluded with a warm plum cookie, which looked AMAZING but I couldn’t eat because it had walnuts.

The cider.  Typically, in these types of situation, I will choose a beer. I am usually not a hard cider girl.  Or I THOUGHT I wasn’t! Consider me reformed! MattHowk went to get our drinks while I hung out outside with Wicket, and when he brought me a picture of the menu I wasn’t super paying attention and didn’t notice the fact they one side was beer and the other was cider. I saw the Awestruck (lavender hops) and said “ooh that one” and off he went. It was soo good.  SO GOOD! Just a little sweet but in no way cloying or acidic the way I typically think of ciders as being. I indulged in a second drink, and this time chose the Original Sin rose. THAT was GLORIOUS! Not sweet at all, dry and refreshing and fizzy and not cidery either, with just a little suggestion of floweriness. I LOVED it, I keep thinking about both of them.

This was a great night and a great menu, and I would absolutely and enthusiastically go back again.  The food was excellent and high end, but the atmosphere was super local and laid back and never made me feel like I had no business bringing my little kid with me. (Side note, how are kids supposed to learn how to behave when they eat out if they never get to eat out? I hate it when people treat us, and him, like we have no business bringing him out with us) I am definitely going to be keeping an eye out for their pop up series and menus, and I really want to bring Great Carol to try this.  This is so her thing.

Now I have to find those damn ciders because they are completely consuming me. Ohmygod they were so good. SO REFRESHING!

RunDisney Marathon Weekend medals are here!

I started my day with a lovely, sweaty 17 minutes on the bike!  Working my way up! I wish you could better tell how sweaty I was, it was glorious. Today in PT I was cleared to bump it up to 30 minutes!!!  PROGRESS!

I am a huge dork, and every morning I start my day at work by checking the 2019 Marathon Weekend discussion thread on the DisBoards site. I have, like, a family and a job and stuff, so I don’t spend as much time on there as most of these people seem to, and am not remotely as in the know as they seem to be in regards to all things Disney.  As such, I learn A LOT of neat things that I never even thought about, never mind wondered if I needed to know.

If we’re being totally honest, I’m not  typically super concerned with what the race medals look like.  The medal has absolutely no weight in my decision about whether or not to run a specific race. I like having them and for sure cherish the ones I have earned to date, but I am not the bling hoarder that many of these people seem to be. I am definitely more about the race itself.  I will likely not wear my medals around the parks after the races, they’re enormous and way too heavy. Since the medals are not my priority, it didn’t even occur to me to wonder when they would be revealed.  I saw today that they were just revealed and I got super excited!

MattHowk might not be psyched that Minnie is the 10K medal, but I like her!  (I couldn’t get a screenshot that was clear enough to see easily, sorry) I REALLY like the Mickey marathon medal. He looks PISSED, which I feel really accurately reflects my mindset as I work towards training and hopefully running this race. That guy is ON A MISSION.

I’ve been wondering lately if it’s too much to ask for, and if I should maybe just throw in the towel on the marathon and only run the 10k.  I don’t WANT to do that, but is it easier? Does it make more sense? This guy makes me not want to think about that at all. I want to grit my teeth and get this shit done, and earn that medal with Mickey looking like he feels the same way!

I want to earn that medal. And I want to earn a margarita and some nachos in Mexico in EPCOT with my mom.  I just don’t see how either of those things will happen if I don’t run that marathon.

A weekend of bread

I make bread a lot, for a lot of different reasons. I make the same kind of bread a lot, but really need to start branching out into trying different kinds.

Friday I got home from work to find my guys watching YouTube drone videos of lighthouses, because that’s what every 4 year old is obsessed with, of course.  It was pretty chilly and rainy, so I made a tomato bisque and some fresh bread to go with it. We intended to make sandwiches but I ran out of steam and time, so instead we made cheese toast with the fresh bread, which was SO TASTY.

Saturday I did a hard kettlebell workout, since I need to be religiously incorporating strength workouts into my running routine.  This injury  has forced me into what I KNEW I had to do, and had been intending to do for quite some time. Sunday brought a 15 minute bike ride on the trainer (!!!).  I was so gloriously sweaty, though I was not particularly impressed with how my heart rate was, it was very high for the activity.  Clearly I have been too idle for too long. How is there not a universal shakes-her-fist emoji?

Sunday also brought 3 loaves of glorious bread, but for a sad occasion.  I’ve talked a lot about food for gatherings, but have not yet had occasion since starting the blog to bring food to a gathering brought about by someone’s passing.  MattHowk’s aunt passed away, so his family got together Sunday night, like you do. Since bread is pretty universal and applies to a lot of what other people bring, I brought bread. Plain, rosemary olive oil, and garlic.  I just wish it was for a more happy occasion.

I wish it was more appropriate to bring bottles of wine along with my bread to these types of gatherings.  Not everyone welcomes that sort of thing. Isn’t it funny how even at an age pushing 40 it’s hard to break out of how you were raised? I wouldn’t think twice about bringing the wine to a gathering like this for my family.  Lubricates the feels.

Hopefully soon Sundays will consist of long runs, not just 15 minute bike rides and a million loaves of bread. SO SOON.  FINGERS CROSSED.

Can you tell which picture of this bunch I took?  I am far less talented a photographer than MattHowk.

Yes, mostly. A little no.

To start off, how cute are these little chicken pot pies!?  So tasty and fun! Wicket thought they were so pretty he kept bringing his dad over to show him what I made.

Typically, I am very much a rule follower and a cope-er and a go with the flow-er. This injury has made me buck that a bit, and do what works for me even if it isn’t super convenient for the people around me. It still scares me and makes me a little uncomfortable, but I am NOT not loving the results. I am literally being forced to fight for this at every turn.

The boot. It is in my car. I am not wearing it. I finally got the call back from my Sports Medicine guy that THEY offered me (though everyone acted like I have been calling every hour), and he did not seem impressed to be talking to me.  He couldn’t understand what questions I might possibly have about my boot. WHEN CAN I TAKE IT OFF!!!!????? If I waited for my next appointment, that would be 6 WEEKS in the boot. 6 WEEKS. Even if I didn’t want to get back to training that’s an excessive amount of time!

I was starting to ache.  My PT says it is from disuse and if we don’t start working back up now, we’ll start losing rather than healing.  I told the Sports Medicine guy that my PT felt I was ready, so he grudgingly said I could start “weaning myself off of it”. Welp, I had already started doing that at home because I could sit whenever I needed to, so off it is.  But I’m bringing it to work with me just in case I have any pain or discomfort.

My PT was so happy, and as a result I had a GREAT session! She taped me up, then since she knows I work on the fourth floor of a weird old building we practiced stairs in the weird old building their office is in. Then I got to try more of the exercises I have been assigned, I got to fast walk on the trampoline, and I got to try the bike since that had initially hurt when I was first diagnosed.  NO PAIN!

I did have a little discomfort during calf raises when I went all the way up, so I am supposed to do those, but only go midway.  She also showed me the standard stretching your calf using the stairs thing, but did you know we’ve all been doing it WRONG!? I HAD NO IDEA! I have always just hung  my leg off and held it for a bit, then gone on with my day. I have never given any thought to which leg was supporting my weight, and it turns out that it was the leg I was stretching.  YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO KEEP YOUR WEIGHT ON THE SUPPORTING LEG, NOT THE STRETCHING LEG. It doesn’t feel natural at first, and it does take a bit of concentration, but it makes a major difference!  It actually feels like a relief, rather than like it’s working it out. It also stretches your arch when you do it the correct way.

All in all, I am cautiously optimistic.  Though Sunday I am sure I will be in the pits of despair again lamenting the loss of my marathon.  First world problems. BUT I GET TO SWEAT AGAIN. I will be biking first thing tomorrow morning, in the desolate pit that is my poor sad basement,  And I will smile the whole 12 minutes.

I don’t know, man

Friday I got a call from the Sports Medicine practice that they have merged with the local hospital, and while approval is imminent, they are not currently able to take my insurance.  Soooooooooooooo I’m not getting my boot off  today as planned.  

I was pretty bummed about this. I was also bummed because the Physical Therapist is SO optimistic about it, and we have plans for my running shoes at my next appointment.  I asked for him to call me so we could discuss whether or not I should get out of it, but also made an appointment for the end of next week.

If I have to wait for the 27th to get the boot off, I lose an entire two more weeks. THAT is making me nervous and making me feel like my training cycle is slipping away.  I KNOW it’s a first world problem, but I really want to overcome this injury and accomplish this goal I have had for 5 years.

17 weeks away.

Objectively, there have been some very good things about not running these last 4 weeks.  Work has been unprecedentedly nuts. I have been left feeling hollowed out every day, I can’t imagine how exhausted and worn down I would be if I were also balancing running with that. Wicket getting sick is huge too.  Wicket came down with coxsackie at the end of last week (gotta love the preschool school year starting back up), so I would have missed my first long run, since I can’t bring him anywhere to expose someone watching him for me, and I doubt he would have been polite in the stroller for 9 miles.

My time has filled back in so much so that I worry that I will really struggle with getting back into it.  I haven’t taken a break like this since Wicket was born. Should I just hang up my sneakers and call it a day? Slowly watch myself get less and less active, but my house get more and more clean? Read the threads about people who are training for and eventually run the Disney races and cry because I’m not?I just can’t do it.

Am I going to go back in with a renewed appreciation for what my body can do? And for the time I have been afforded to run and experience the world around me? Am I going to start and finish my marathon and smile the whole time? Or curse my stupidity for putting myself through another one?

I don’t know, man. I have to stop picturing things because I am always wrong and it’s never remotely like I pictured. I know that taking the easy way doesn’t sound like me, but there seem to be more and more challenges and hurdles lately. I haven’t stopped wanting this though. I want to see what I can do.

In the meantime, I’ll have an adult beverage and make some fun food, then do my PT exercises.  Really, what else can I do?  Other than remind myself how pretty my life really is.


Weekend cooking and eating

The Universe is just LOVING reminding me how not in control I am lately.  I was planning to write this post about the food at the wedding I was supposed to go to with MattHowk yesterday, but instead Wicket came down with coxsackie virus so I had to stay home with him.  My sister and her daughter were going to come hang out with Wicket, since it was an adults only wedding, but I couldn’t in good conscience allow that to happen after our morning in Urgent Care.

Saturday consisted of a whole lot of standing and rocking my guy, who is NOT feeling well. I didn’t even shower, let alone cook.  I ate eggs and toast for dinner, and Wicket ate an ice pop. Culinary masters.

Sunday was slightly different, thankfully. Wicket slept well, and was starting to feel better and was much less whiny and clingy.  Since I can’t run, which was my initial natural inclination, I instead decided to make a slightly involved recipe while he built Jurassic World legos.

He did deign to take a break from the legos long enough to work the pulse on the food processor for me.

When she came for Wickets party last weekend, my aunt (Great Carol) brought me a whole bag of beautiful tomatoes from her garden. Since a tomato tart calls to my soul, and the last one I made was so good, I decided to try another!  There was a gorgeous looking Ina Garten tomato tart recipe in my FoodNetwork Magazine, so I knew it was meant to be.

This thing was so much the opposite of the Half Baked Harvest recipe I made, but was equally as delicious.  This one was savory, and took a bunch of steps to make, but it was so goooooooooood and I had fun making it. It was sort of cathartic and therapeutic after the week and weekend we have had.  It took me a couple of hours to make this morning, then it was done and cool in time for lunch. The crust is substantial but still kind of flaky, the herb mixture is potent without being overwhelming, and the dijon is such a great unexpected tang with the tomatoes and the herbs, and the gruyere ties it all together.  I would eat this every day of my life.

Philly cheese steaks for dinner, using a Pinterest recipe we have used a few times now.  If you appropriately season the meat at every stage, this turns out so tastttyyyyy. We had tons of sub rolls left over from the party, and we were brought fresh garden peppers from another family member, so this seemed like a no brainer for dinner.

Sunday cooking and eating definitely made up for the disaster that was Saturday. MattHowk said the food at the wedding was good, and that there was a sundae bar with the cake.  SO JEALOUSSSSS.

Word to the wise, if your kid comes down with coxsackie, and you are an adult who is so inclined, stock up on the adult beverages. Literally nothing can help your child through this but time, but this tip could help you. Kidding, but also not kidding.

Moving forward with PT

This is my fourth week in the boot, and I am LOSING IT.  My mind, my business, my cool, all of IT. It’s 8 weeks out and I am supposed to be training.

PT is going GREAT though!  Each week I have progressed and graduated to the next strength of the resistance bands, and to getting to try new exercises and expand upon the new ones I got the week prior.

Each week when I get there they apply heat, then they do the ultrasound treatment and massage to try to reduce the inflammation.  I have no more pain, but my tendon is still popping A LOT, which is due to inflammation. My therapist also thinks it’s due to my hyperextension though, so I was told “stop perseverating on the pops”.  WILL DO.

When I first started on the resistance bands, my ankle was shaking out of control when I tried to return back to neutral.  Now it still takes an effort, but there’s no shaking. My therapist said it was clear how hard I have been working and was happy with the progress.  As a result, last week I was able to start standing on one foot on a slightly unsteady surface like a foam mat to build up that balance, and doing single leg work on the yoga ball. I was instructed to do these barefoot

This week I was graduated to doing my non-resistance band exercises in my sneakers!  I got to add an unsteady surface to my single leg yoga ball work, AND I got to stand on one foot to bounce a ball against a trampoline.  This is also to work on my core strength and balance and get my tendon remembering what it feels like to actively stabilize me. At home, I recreate that with a small inflated ball (honestly, it’s probably going to be the Death Star ball that we got for Wicket’s party for the kids to play with), throwing it back and forth with either MattHowk or Wicket.  If it’s Wicket, I was specifically instructed to NOT go off to the side for it, but to let him fetch it and get back to position. Wicket came to PT with me this week, so she knows what he’s all about.

Tuesday is my Sports Medicine appointment where I am hoping I will come out of the boot.  If that goes well, Wednesday I get to bring my running shoes to PT and do some slow walking on the trampoline.  I will ALSO get to discuss at that time the plan for training for the marathon, specifically the type of training plan I will get to use and what types of support activities and exercises need to be in place.  My insurance approved 8 visits, so I am getting to go for 4 extra weeks into training. I am relieved to have that support while I build back up from 0.

I am SO OPTIMISTIC that this is all going to go well and according to plan! I WANT TO RUN NEXT WEEK! Is this where I start positive self talk, and mantras?  I WILL run next week. I WILL get out of the boot on Tuesday. I WILL drink margaritas in EPCOT Mexico on 1/13/19 after I finish the marathon successfully, whole, and healthy.


Weekend cooking and eating-Wicket turns 4 edition

This past weekend we celebrated Wicket’s 4th birthday. He had his first birthday party (I know) and I just don’t know how he’s 4. As much family as could, and some of his very favorite friends, came and helped us celebrate our favorite guy.

In true, classic MattHowk style, we had a Star Wars/Oktoberfest party for our preschooler.  Like you do. We did have pizza for the kids and non-brat eaters, but we also had tons of brats and German potato salad and beer.

We use Bobby Flay’s brat recipe which we REALLY like.  The brats get simmered in spices and beer then kissed on the grill to crisp them up.  We don’t put in the ginger the recipe calls for, but we are huge fans of the coriander and caraway and mustard seed. We typically serve them on crusty rolls topped with sauerkraut.  We started making this years ago because brats are one of our favorite things to eat at EPCOT at Disney, but we think we have far surpassed our initial attempts.

I went through a lot of German potato salad recipes before settling on this one.  So many were too wet and soupy, or too classic in consistency. I feel like German potato salad is supposed to have tang to it, and so many didn’t.  We love this one because of the apple cider vinegar, which I never would have thought of on my own at the time, and the bacon. I do swap the amounts for the vinegar and chicken broth since I like the tang, and since I use thick cut bacon I tend to just use the whole pound.  This recipe is always popular. Even my aunt Carol and Matt’s stepmother Dawn like it, which is huge. They are both excellent and discerning cooks and eaters.

I was not fully aware of this, but apparently MattHowk hunted for the beers for quite some time.  He did get some domestic options, but primarily found himself authentic German beers that are served at Oktoberfest. I have been receiving many lectures on what constitutes an Oktoberfest beer, in terms of when and where it is made, and those are what he focused on.  I think the Spaten was my favorite, which I have learned is the official beer of real Oktoberfest and is very hard to find in our area. Lucky us!

Finally, the cake.  MattHowk was so excited to get Wicket a real cake, I would go so far as to say it is the entire reason he wanted to have a party for him.  He went to a girl who does our nephew’s birthday cakes each year, and who did my 35th birthday cake, which was INCREDIBLE. I won’t say who she is, because we were kind of disappointed with this cake.  Wicket LOVED IT and that’s all the matters, but we really felt like she phoned it in and it was a rushed job. MattHowk had trouble getting her to get back to him up until about 2 weeks ago, then they made up a contract for a Millenium Falcon cake with “May the Fourth Be With You” lettered below.  Welp, for starters, she wrote “May the Fourth With You”. Really? Good thing the kid can’t read yet, but his poor father can. The cake was good and the detail work was definitely intricate, but she clearly wasn’t totally paying attention to the inspiration images MattHowk sent her. As a Star Wars super fan he was not impressed, but Wicket was super happy.

Our sweet boy is 4 and still recovering from the craziness of his weekend and going back to school. I am still recovering from all of the delicious food, since I’m not running still.  Overall, it was an incredibly successful weekend of cooking and eating!

The house projects, poor MattHowk

Remember how I mentioned that MattHowk was home during the day with us this past weekend? Weeellllll, in addition to brunch, that meant we were home together for some house projects!  Gloriousssss! I am not sure he agrees.

When I got injured, I needed to put my energy usually spent running SOMEWHERE, so that meant cooking and house projects.  Around the same time MattHowk also decided he wanted to have a big party for Wickets birthday, which meant my mind went into overdrive thinking of the things I wanted done before I have 40 people in my house. I went crazy one night, opened up the Cozi app we use, and made a LENGTHY to do list for him of everything I felt HAD TO HAPPEN.

First off, the patio and outdoor space.  It was super hot and super wet this summer, but not all at the same time, so my poor plants really took a beating. I replaced the lavendar and salvia that didn’t make it, and got rid of the catnip I accidentally planted to allow room for the sweet mint to spread out. I think the mums and daisies look really nice, AND the daisies should  be a better fit for the heat and sun of our south facing patio. Also, I think they should make it through the winter and come back? Even better!

My house is small, but doesn’t feel quit as small as it is because we have an open great room concept with a cathedral ceiling. We bought a leather couch when we moved in 7.5 years ago, but it was pieces of leather sort of patchworked together, and after Wicket was born it started peeling apart.  It has looked terrible for a long time but a new couch wasn’t high on my list of priorities to get a new couch, plus the couch is otherwise still in great condition and the perfect size for the space. I came home from work one day to find that MattHowk had ordered cushion covers off Amazon. I literally gasped when I walked in and noticed, it looks that dramatically different and better. The whole room looks cleaner and neater.  And they’re super soft and will be great when it’s cold I think.

Please forgive the fact that the room is currently actually neither clean nor neat.

We also hung up a new wine shelf to get things up off of my rolling island so that it can be used for it’s intended purpose again, If I can’t afford to redo my kitchen to make it bigger yet, at least I have that as an option. The shelf was on sale at Target and matches our table really well, and I think it looks really good! In addition to the deep cleaning the tops of the cabinets and everything up there, I have no complaints about my great room now!

The bathroom was another MAJOR project weighing on me.  Remember how I said we moved in 7.5 Years ago? Yeah, well we built our house.  Which meant that all of our walls were primer until we decided on the colors and painted them.  The bathroom primer was getting superrrrrr grimy. I finally saw a color, demanded that that be the one, and off we went. It was done and painted within a few days, I was extra motivated to get it done before I went into the boot. I am so happy with how it looks!!  I think the blue we chose flows really well with the color in our great room and bedroom, and the white really pops against it. We hung up the clock and the hand towel holder, and got new hand towels, bathmat, rod, and rings. for the win. It finally feels like a grownup bathroom and I am no longer mortified.

We did a few other projects in our bedroom and Wickets bedroom, but no one will really see those.  I am truly so so happy with how everything has turned out, and that my poor, sweet, indulgent husband has stuck with me through it. They make me feel like I will be even more ready to start running and training again because things are more the way I like them! I’ll have no excuse not to run because things are done!

I sure am exhausted though. I’m shocked by how much dragging around this damn boot takes it out of me, especially when I am climbing the world cleaning and organizing.

My first Physical Therapy appointment!

Spoiler alert, it was amazing and I feel so hopeful.

I was given a list of Physical Therapy options from the Sports Medicine practice when I was ordered to do 4 weeks of PT.  I didn’t want to just pick anything random, so I did some research on each one that was either in Glens Falls or Saratoga, since the other towns represented weren’t really viable options for me.  Then I narrowed it down to practices that specifically mentioned running injuries or running mechanic work. That left me with two options, so I chose the one that felt the least pretentious from their website, and is closest to my house.

I ultimately decided on Local Motion, located right in downtown Glens Falls.  I love the neat old made over mill that they are in, and the space was super inviting.  Everyone I met was really nice and welcoming and I never once was made to feel like I shouldn’t run or had done something wrong (you know, some doctors or care practitioners REALLY don’t believe in running, or distance running).

The woman I worked with took some measurements and had me do some moves to assess my pain level and my range of motion.  Apparently my ankles hyperextend and I can turn them in waaaaaaay too far, which is likely partly to blame for the lack of stability in my peroneal tendon on the outside of my ankle. My knees are hyperextended too, she thinks it’s all part of the same weaknesses.

After walking and listening to my ankle popping repeatedly, which is apparently due to the inflammation from the tedonitis,I got put up on a table to have heat applied, then she did ultrasound therapy and some massage to try to bring the inflammation down.  Then she taped me and showed me how to do it myself, and gave me some exercises with the resistance band to strengthen my peroneal tendon. I was very sternly limited to 10 reps for each exercise, twice a day.  She said she sensed that I am Type A and intense and feared I would overdo it. I totally wold have.

I do 4 exercises, basically range of motion in each direction the foot goes in, making sure to pay attention to being strong and stable both out and back from neutral with the resistance band.  When she was showing me what to do, and emphasizing my need to be strong on the way back to neutral, my foot was wobbling and shaking so much! Hello instability! I was SHOCKED.  5 days later it’s already sooooooo much better, and it gets less achey when I am out of the boot.

I just love how swollen sitting around in the boot on a 90 degree day makes my ankle

The Physical Therapist also felt really optimistic, super casually so, that I could be totally fine for the marathon in January.  I asked if I can do my regular old generalized Hal Higdon training plan, or if I should commission something more custom to take into account the fact that I am not going into training with a base.  She said we can talk about that in a week or two after we see how it’s going, and after the owner of Local Motion is back from vacation, since he is a runner and Iron Man and she said he will have more of a basis for judgment than she will.  

I left there feeling so good and confident and happy, and I hope that continues for my entire time working with them.  I also felt sweaty and stinky, since it was 100 degrees that day, in northern New York. What’s that about? Over it.

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